Period? Period!

Period? Period! is a video with two parts, both using metaphors and daily objects. Part one celebrates the growth of girls; part two narrates the feeling of young women getting their periods. Using a man’s hands attempts to build a bridge between this topic and men, raising awareness of this issue.

The collaborative project was inspired by a conversation with Baltimore girls entering puberty. They felt embarrassed to talk about their periods. Since some people have negative attitudes towards this topic, women don't want to talk about it, men may lack empathy with young women who are suffering. This project aims to show a voice that menstruation is a natural change in a girl’s body when she becomes a woman.
Concept, Art Direction, Photography, Video

Designer: Ze Wang, Tian Yu
Instructor: Ellen Lupton, Jason Gottlieb

Period? Period! was on display at MICA's fall show Final Final, Fox 3 Gallery, December 02 – December 13, 2016.
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