Museum of Vision Loss

Museum of Vision Loss is a fictional museum I conceptualized and visualized through branding. The deliverables include an identity system, exhibition posters, and motion graphics.

The museum invites visitors to experience and understand the condition of blindness, in order to raise awareness of vision loss and inspire people to appreciate all their senses.
Concept, Art Direction, Branding, Identity System, Print Design, Motion Graphic

Designer: Ze Wang
Instructor: Ellen Lupton, Jason Gottlieb, Jennifer Cole Phillips

Logo Concept
The logo combines the Braille and Latin alphabets, suggesting a meeting place between people with normal sight and people with blindness. Replacing some Latin characters with Braille brings a symbol of the blind community to center stage, making blindness visible.

Museum Collateral
A customized hole puncher will cut out a braille letter after a ticket is used, creating a tactile experience for visitors.

Exhibition Campaign
Design for Visual Impairment
Making an environment comfortable for individuals with blindness or visual impairments should be part of the design discourse. The exhibition features design for people with vision loss, showing how well-designed products can transform their lives, by enabling orientation, navigation, movement, communication, recreation, and learning.

Exhibition Campaign
See Unseen
The exhibition transforms the museum into a space where visitors are able to experience the situation of blindness, physically and mentally, by presenting an array of contemporary artists’ works that concerns about the subject, including Sophie Calle’s The Blind, Antony Gormley’s Blind Light, and Shinji Ohmaki’s Liminal Air.

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